With Election Day Here, Voters Discuss Which Candidate They’re Voting For

JEFFERSON CO., Pa. (EYT) – Voters in Jefferson County are prepared to head to the polls today as a hot and contentious presidential election draws to a close.

According to Reuters, as of Monday, Democrat challenger Joe Biden held a commanding national lead over incumbent President Donald Trump.

However, with the margins narrower in battleground states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, the result of the election is still far from decided.

Locally, the presidential election remains a popular topic of discussion, with Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen garnering a surprisingly large following.

“I’ll be voting for Jo Jorgensen. I am sick of the current duopoly. I’m for less government, free markets, less taxes, no foreign interventions, free trade, restoring constitutional rights, and ending the war on drugs. I’m voting Libertarian,” Jennifer Campbell stated.

The concepts of a major change and a shift away from the two-party system were cited by many local voters.

“This country needs a real change, not the same two party nonsense that’s been going on for decades. Look where it got us. Defund Federal Government bodies, and bring the decision making back to the state and local communities who know more about what their citizens need than old men and women wasting away in office for far too many years,” Katherine Mary said.

“Dr. Jo represents a clean break from two parties only concerned with keeping power by stirring up divisiveness,” Sam Robb noted.

Other voters also cited Jorgensen’s stances on policies.

“I’m voting for Jo because she opposes corporate welfare, wants to abolish ICE, promises to pardon offenses without a victim,” Christian Heath said.

While Jorgensen has rousted fairly heavy support in our region, incumbent President Donald Trump still has many supporters in the local area, as well.

“I love my country, my family, my job, my security, my freedoms, MY RIGHTS, my fellow Americans, our military and our law enforcement enough to vote for President Donald Trump again. I am praying everyday for our President,” Jeanie Keith Ferrent said.

President Trump’s accomplishments, particularly in terms of the economy, during his time in office was one issue cited by several local residents.

“I can honestly say that under Trump our financial situation has finally outgrown the deficit left by Obama care,” Debbie Heckendorn stated.

“He had to clean up Biden’s/Obama mess from 8 years and still did an excellent job in making more jobs,” Brianna King added.

While Trump retains a good deal of support in the local area, Biden has vocal supporters in our local region, as well.

Local resident Adler Fleming stated he is supporting Joe Biden, “simply for the fact that he will actually listen to science.”

Likewise, Melody Girty cited her reasons for supporting Biden as “truth over lies, unity over division, and science over fiction.”

Voting for Biden primarily as an act of opposition against Trump also came up in our local area.

“He’s not perfect, but he’s a hell of a lot better than Trump on many levels,” an area resident who goes by Bobbie Jo stated.

Whatever the outcome of Election Day, hope for the future seems to be one thing voters on all sides share.

“Praying that the country can accept either name because we are the United States of America. We need to remember our Founding Fathers who wrote our Constitution. Respect in both parties needs to be displayed at this time,” Missy Wolfe said.

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