Bullers Looks to Future of Register & Recorders Office

JEFFERSON CO., Pa. (EYT) – A 22-year-old Jefferson County resident who won both the Democratic and Republican nominations in this year’s primary election for Register & Recorder is not wasting any time demonstrating that her youth could be an advantage.

Brianna Bullers, a recent graduate of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, has been focusing on the things she wants to get done, which includes a shift in the way the office stores and displays its records.

“When I was running there were a lot of people who weren’t sure just because I am 22,” Bullers told exploreJeffersonpa.com.

“There are some people that think I’m too young, so they are discouraging in a way.”

“I am young and I think that really benefits me,” Bullers said. “I have more energy and am more up to date with technology.”

She believes this will ultimately help her achieve the Register and Recorders office goal of moving more of the records to an online format.

“I think we should do that mostly because it’s easier, and more people can access stuff from home. It’s easier than having a bunch of big gawky books sitting around.”

Bullers is also open to suggestions for what else needs to be done to make the office more efficient.

“I feel like I’ll have more of a better grasp on future plans for the office in the future.”

Bullers has been training to take over the position since her success in this year’s May election.

While the position may intimidate her, she says she is trying to focus on what she wants to get done.

“It is something new, so I feel like I’d be weird if it wasn’t nervous,” Bullers said. “I think I’m more excited than I am nervous.”

Bullers said that her decision to run for the office was heavily influenced by her family, especially her father, Jefferson County Commissioner Herb Bullers.

Bullers decided to run while she was in her senior year of college at IUP. Since the spring semester and primary election season overlap, this required plenty of nights where Bullers was required to come home to campaign while she was finishing her degree.

“I don’t know how to explain it other than to say it just kind of clicked. I was about to graduate. I knew I needed to figure out what I wanted to do.

“I just made a list of potential things that I may be interested in. Then, we went through the list, and this one just kind of jumped right out.”

Although Bullers had the option to work out of the area, she decided to come back to Jefferson County because of her love for the community.

“I feel like we are as a county progressing a lot more than we once were.

“We’re such a cute little historic community.”

While her family name may make her more accustomed to politics, Bullers says that she was still very surprised when she found out she has received both the Democratic and Republican nominations.

“I knew that I had a lot of support, but I didn’t think that I was going to win, especially by the pretty large amount that I did win by.”

As the only candidate on the ballot in November’s general election, Bullers is a shoo-in for the office.

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