C-L Business Class Honors Teacher’s Successful Battle Against Cancer and Celebrates Student Success Stories

STRATTANVILLE, Pa., (EYT) – Thanks to the Introduction to Business class at Clarion-Limestone High School, students and teachers have an opportunity to share their success stories. The students derived their inspiration from their teacher who is a cancer survivor.

(PICTURED ABOVE: Students from the Introduction to Business class with teacher Linda Schirmer.)

As part of the class, the students decided to present a business plan to the school administration. That plan stated that a colored wall would be a benefit in a conference room, which is how the Introduction to Business class uses the classroom.

The color they chose was pink, Angela Olson explained to exploreJeffersonPA.com because they wanted to honor their teacher, Linda Schirmer, who is a breast cancer survivor.

“The most important thing about it is that it shows our support for Mrs. Schirmer and everything she has been through. She definitely finished her fight,” Olsen said.


As part of the business plan, the students had a parent approach Sherwin-Williams Paint Store in Clarion about discounting the paint they would need. The store, instead, donated all of the supplies required.

The design features a pink wall with a darker pink breast cancer awareness ribbon. Inside the ribbon is the slogan, “Cancer may have started the fight, but I finished it.”

The painted ribbon winds around the classroom door with the end of the ribbon trailing along the room’s wall above the bulletin board.

“We wanted the pink to really pick up the positivity and bring a better environment to an all-white business room,” Lauren Jamison, who came up with the design, explained. “This brightened the room. The overall theme is beating cancer like Mrs. Schirmer.”

The bulletin board below the ribbon currently features success stories from students and employees at the school. The first display is Mrs. Schirmer’s successful battle against cancer. It features pictures of her without hair during the struggle and medals she’s won in races since she beat the disease.


For Travis Devey, his success story is getting accepted to Robert Morris University. He hopes it’s his first step toward getting a job with the FBI.

“That’s where it all starts; that’s why I put it up there. It really is my proudest accomplishment,” Devey said.

“Everyone on that board has something they’re proud of, no matter how big or how small. It can be something as big as beating breast cancer or something like catching a fish. It’s whatever you’re proud of in your mind. That’s really what the board is about,” Devey added.

The students smile when they think of convincing a friend to put something that he was proud of on the board. He didn’t think his accomplishment was worthy of being on the board with all of the others. The students were eventually able to convince him that his accomplishment had earned a place on the bulletin board with all of the others.

“Sometimes, people don’t share their victories,” added Jamison. “It’s really nice to look at what people have put up there.”

Jamison’s success story is a map denoting all of the countries she’s been able to visit.

Brooke Baughman’s success is getting her driver’s license on the first try. She hopes those looking at the board will note how many ways there are to be successful.


Ultimately, all of the success stories circle back to their teacher, Mrs. Schirmer, and the inspiration they derive from watching her win her battle.

“Even when she was going through that (battle), she was always here, it was never a pity game for her,” Baughman said. “She would always put you first, no matter what.”

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