Case Against Man Accused of Stealing Items from Store, Fleeing From Police Waived for Court

JEFFERSON CO., Pa. (EYT) – Charges against a man facing felony theft and related offenses were waived for court.

Court documents indicate the following charges against 34-year-old Kenneth Adamo, of Shelton, Connecticut, were waived for court during a preliminary hearing on Thursday, July 28, at 3:15 p.m.:

– Retail Theft – Take Merchandise, Felony 3
– Criminal Trespassing – Enter Structure, Felony 3
– Criminal Mischief – Damage Property, Summary
– Flight to Avoid Apprehension/Trial/Punishment, Misdemeanor 2

The charges have been transferred to the Jefferson County Court of Common Pleas.

Johnson is currently free on $20,000.00 monetary bail (10%).

Details of the case:

According to a criminal complaint, on July 18, the Brookville Borough Police Department were dispatched to the Travel Centers of America at 245 Allegheny Boulevard, in Brookville Borough, Jefferson County. Police received information that a male had just committed a retail theft of items from the store. The actor, later identified as Kenneth Adamo, was reported to have left in a Toyota RAV 4.

Police arrived on the scene and spoke with an employee of the store. The employee told police she watched two individuals, a male and a female, enter the store and were walking around suspiciously. The two actors’ suspicious demeanor caught the attention of the employee, the complaint states.

According to the complaint, Adamo went down multiple aisles in the store and was observed taking a hot dog, a fountain drink, two Nutter Butter Cookie packs, and a Bueno candy bar. Two Nutter Butter cookie packs and a Bueno candy bars were later discovered in a Super A Motel room, where Adamo went into hiding from the police.

The employee told police the woman had a very large purse. As she was walking around the store, the two individuals are observed on camera taking items before disappearing off camera. The woman remains unidentified.

Once the individuals left the building, the female got in to the black Toyota RAV 4 and proceeded onto Interstate 80 westbound.

As police and store employees were reviewing the video, an employee spotted a male standing outside the Toyota RAV 4 in the Southern parking lot of McDonald’s.

Police then discovered that RAV 4 was a newer model and not the vehicle in question.

Police eventually learned Adamo was spotted at the Super 8 Motel nearby. As the officer pulled up to the motel, Adamo was seen “casually walking” inside the building. The officer walked into the building attempting to speak with him, but the officer was “approximately 20 seconds behind him and (Adamo) was nowhere to be seen,” the complaint states.

After a search of the building, authorities were still unable to find Adamo or the other suspect.

Staff at the motel told police they let Adamo use a phone for a quick phone call. Adamo was not permitted on the premises, the complaint indicates.

A motel employee pulled a guest list, and according to the employee, room #105 should be unoccupied. The occupants had checked out earlier this date. This room’s door was closed, indicating it was occupied. The motel employee attempted to open the door, but the chain lock prevented entrance into the room. Police announced their presence several times before they heard the window to the room opening.

When Adamo exited room #105 from the window, he damaged the screen window, bending it and tearing some of the screening off the window.

Adamo then fled to a nearby Pizza Hut where he was eventually apprehended by police, the complaint notes.

Police asked Adamo what happened, but he did not say anything. Adamo was questioned about drug use, as he was pale and sweating. He admitted to using heroin at a rest stop in Pennsylvania earlier this date. Adamo also told police he was from the Oil City area, according to the complaint.

Adamo was placed in handcuffs and transported to Brookville Police Department for further questioning.

Adamo was given his Miranda Rights, to which he agreed and signed. He stated he would speak with police about what happened.

Adamo admitted to eating a hot dog at the Travel Centers of America, which he did not pay for. He also admitted to taking two packs of cookies and milk.

Police asked Adamo what the female individual had taken from the store, to which he replied he was uncertain other than she had a hot dog, also of which she did not pay for.

Adamo told police he had the “munchies” because of his earlier drug use and was hungry. He knew he could not pay for the food he consumed and took, the complaint states.

Adamo further told police he contacted the female who assisted him in the thefts. He believed her name was “Edna” on Facebook, the complaint notes.

Adamo and “Edna” came from Connecticut to visit family. He was going to Oil City, and Edna was going to Presque Isle, in Erie.

He also stated he had been charged with retail theft at least eight times in the state of Connecticut. Police checked Adamo’s criminal history, finding at least three previous retail theft convictions from New Hampshire, the complaint states.

Adamo was arraigned at 4:13 p.m. on Monday, July 18, in front of Magisterial District Judge Gregory M. Bazylak.

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