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Say What?!: Airline Passenger Detained Over ‘Bomb’ WiFi Name

SEATTLE, Washington – A Southwest Airlines passenger who named his WiFi hotspot "Bomb on Board" was detained at Seattle-Tacoma Airport. FULL ARTICLE
by · September 13, 2014 · Local News, Say What?!!

Say What?!: Thousands of Bees Escape Truck in Florida

ORLANDO, Florida – Motorists driving behind a leaky bee truck on a stretch of Florida interstate had to roll up their windows to keep the insects out of their cars. FULL ARTICLE
by · September 12, 2014 · Local News, Say What?!!

Say What?!: 100-Foot Bratwurst Cooked Without Breaking

BELLEVILLE, Illinois – A 100-foot-long bratwurst was successfully grilled by a team of about 50 volunteers in Illinois without the sausage breaking or burning, organizers said. FULL ARTICLE
by · September 11, 2014 · Local News, Say What?!!

Say What?!: Boozy Burglar Passed Out Drunk at Mount Jewett Bar

MOUNT JEWETT, Pennsylvania – Police in Pennsylvania said an intoxicated intruder broke into a closed bar and spread out on a kitchen table to take a drunken nap. FULL ARTICLE
by · September 10, 2014 · Local News, Say What?!!

Say What?!: Woman Gave IV To Unconscious Teen Instead of Calling 911

ADA COUNTY, Idaho – A woman in Ada County, Idaho, is facing felony charges after allegedly giving alcohol to a 14-year-old girl and then, after the teen passed out, giving her an IV instead of calling for help. FULL ARTICLE
by · September 9, 2014 · Local News, Say What?!!

Say What?!: Court Drops Charges Against Man Whose Maserati Resembles Police Car

QUINCY, Massachusetts – A Massachusetts court dropped police impersonation charges against a man who decorated his Maserati to resemble a Transformers vehicle. FULL ARTICLE
by · September 8, 2014 · Local News, Say What?!!

Say What?!: Teen Solves Three Rubik’s Cubes Underwater

ASKOY, Norway – A 17-year-old Norwegian swimmer is gaining international fame for an online video depicting him solving three Rubik's cubes underwater in a single breath. FULL ARTICLE
by · September 7, 2014 · Say What?!!

Say What?!: After Four Days on the Lam, Albino Cobra Caught

THOUSAND OAKS, California – On Thursday, a snake that had put a neighborhood outside of Los Angeles on edge was finally caught. FULL ARTICLE
by · September 6, 2014 · Say What?!!

Say What?!: Man Repeatedly Calls Police for Ride to Buy Alcohol

OCALA, Florida – Florida man Adam Lanquist was arrested Tuesday after allegedly repeatedly calling 911 to request a ride to the liquor from police. FULL ARTICLE
by · September 5, 2014 · Say What?!!

Say What?!: Bigfoot-like Creature May Be in Mississippi

VICKSBURG, Mississippi – A pair of Mississippi men said they had close encounters with a Bigfoot-like creature on separate occasions near the same playground. FULL ARTICLE
by · September 3, 2014 · Say What?!!