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Say What?!: Sheriff’s Department Files Held for Ransom by Malware

DICKSON, Tennessee – A Tennessee sheriff's department said it paid more than $500 ransom to release files locked away by malicious software accidentally downloaded into the system. FULL ARTICLE
by · November 14, 2014 · Say What?!!

Say What?!: Man Sank Estranged Wife’s Corvette in River

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania – Philadelphia police said they are seeking a man accused of driving his estranged wife's Corvette into the Delaware River. FULL ARTICLE
by · November 13, 2014 · Local News, Say What?!!

Say What?!: Mom Buys Daughter ‘Wand,’ Finds Wrist-Cutting Pic

DAYTON, Ohio – An Ohio mother said she was shocked to discover the "princess wand" she bought for her daughter contained an image of a girl cutting her wrist. FULL ARTICLE
by · November 12, 2014 · Local News, Say What?!!

Say What?!: ‘Cannibal’ Tries to Eat Woman in British Murder Case

LONDON, England –British police confronted a man trying to eat the eyeball and face of a woman and used a stun gun on the cannibal who later died, local media quoted witnesses as saying. FULL ARTICLE
by · November 11, 2014 · Local News, Say What?!!

Say What?!: Plane Collides with Stray Buffalo in India

SURAT, India – Indian airline SpiceJet confirmed a plane was grounded when it struck a wandering buffalo on the runway at an airport in the city of Surat. FULL ARTICLE
by · November 10, 2014 · Local News, Say What?!!

Say What?!: Meth Suspect Wore ‘I [Heart] Crystal Meth’ T-Shirt

LONDON, Kentucky – You could say she went to jail for love. FULL ARTICLE
by · November 8, 2014 · Local News, Say What?!!

Say What?!: Meth Found When Suspect Parked in Wrong Lot

SAN DIEGO, California – A woman cleared for entry into the United States from Mexico was busted for smuggling 27 pounds of meth when she accidentally parked in the inspection lot. FULL ARTICLE
by · November 7, 2014 · Local News, Say What?!!

Say What?!: Nursing Student Dies Taking Selfie on Bridge

SEVILLE, Spain – It was a bridge too far for Polish nursing student Sylwia Rajchel, 23, who suffered fatal injuries when she fell from Spain's Puente de Triana span in Seville as she attempted to take a selfie while vacationing there. FULL ARTICLE
by · November 6, 2014 · Say What?!!

Say What?!: Swiss Firefighters Pull Donkey from Manhole

PRATTELN, Switzerland – Swiss firefighters said they rescued a donkey found with its head and front legs sticking out the top of an uncovered manhole. FULL ARTICLE
by · November 5, 2014 · Say What?!!

Say What?!: Giant Drill Bit Grazes Train in New York Subway

NEW YORK, New York – New York transit officials said an occupied subway train was grazed by a massive drill bit that bored down into the tunnel. FULL ARTICLE
by · November 4, 2014 · Local News, Say What?!!