District 9 Class 3A Track and Field Preview: 13 Returning D9 Champs Back

While District 9’s lone Class 3A medalist graduated — Bradford’s state shot put champion John Eakin who went on to Slippery Rock University — several individual D9 champions return with eight for the boys and five for the girls.

(Photo of Kayla Johnson of St. Marys. Photo by Jared Bakaysa of JB Graphics. See more of Bakaysa’s work here)

Boys from a year ago who finished in the top 20 at the state meet include: Jaron Ambrose (Bradford – 17th in 300 Meter Hurdles), Matthew Wehrle (Punxsutawney – 17th in 800 Meter Run), Jordan Meinert (DuBois – 18th in High Jump), and Grady Yarger (Clearfield – 19th in Javelin). No top-20 girls’ state qualifier returns.

Bradford will attempt to repeat as D9 team champions for the boys and girls. The St. Marys boys and Punxsutawney girls are back in Class 3A for at least the next two years after being in Class 2A the last PIAA cycle.

The following is a list of athletes that are top returning district place-winners by event, with district finish and state meet finish if applicable. 

— Returning athletes are based on last year’s age. Some may have not elected to compete this year.

— All District 9 coaches are encouraged to send results to [email protected]. Dan Alderton will be compiling rankings and statistics throughout the season for D9Sports.Com. 


110 hurdles

1. Matthew Stafford, Sr., Bradford PIAA: 23rd

2. Jaron Ambrose, Jr., Bradford

4. Bayden Lyle, Sr., Punxsutawney

4. Dylan Phillips, Jr. Bradford

100 dash

3. Trevor Franek, Jr., Clearfield

4. Zach Henery, So., DuBois

5. Donny Pattison, Sr., Bradford

1,600 run

2. Andrew Wehrle, Jr., Punxsutawney

3. Kaleb Stevens, Sr., DuBois

4. Jeremiah Vezza, Sr., Clearfield

5. Ethan May, Sr., Punxsutawney

6. Logan Wells, Jr., DuBois

400 dash

1. Trevor Franek, Jr., Clearfield PIAA: 26th

2. Michael Bosworth, Jr., Bradford

3. Derek Sunafrank, Jr., Bradford

4. Logan Firanski, So., Clearfield

6. Jake Pattison, So., Bradford

300 hurdles

1. Jaron Ambrose, Sr., Bradford PIAA: 17th

2. Bayden Lyle, Sr., Punxsutawney

5. Brenden Saunders, Sr., DuBois

800 run

2. Andrew Boyle, Sr., DuBois

3. Andrew Wehrle, Jr., Punxsutawney

4. Tyler Kraft, Jr., Bradford

5. Emmet Jamieson, Jr., Punxsutawney

200 dash

2. Matthew Stafford, Sr., Bradford

3. Donny Pattison, Sr., Bradford

5. Zach Henery, So., DuBois

3,200 run

1. Owen Bartlebaugh, Jr., Punxsutawney PIAA: 22nd

3. Jeremiah Vezza, Sr., Clearfield

4. Ethan May, Sr., Punxsutawney

5. Kaleb Stevens, Sr., DuBois

6. Gabe Mitchell, Jr., Bradford

Relays (champions only)


Punxsutawney PIAA: 28th


Punxsutawney PIAA: 22nd


Punxsutawney PIAA: 22nd

High jump

1. Jordan Meinert, Sr., DuBois PIAA: tied-18th

2. Taye Lynch, Jr., Clearfield

3. Jaron Ambrose, Sr., Bradford

4. Ethan Presloid, So., Punxsutawney

5. Evan States, Sr., Punxsutawney

Long jump

1. Jordan Meinert, Sr., DuBois PIAA: 34th

2. Bayden Lyle, Punxsutawney

4. Steven Kellam, Sr., Bradford

6. Steven Knowlton, Jr., Bradford

Triple jump

1. Taye Lynch, Jr., Clearfield PIAA: 24th

2. Jordan Meinert, Sr., DuBois

3. Steven Knowlton, Jr., Bradford

4. Ian Billotte, So., Clearfield

5. Nathan Blauser, Sr., Bradford

6. Evan States, Punxsutawney

Pole Vault

1. Steven Kellam, Sr., Bradford PIAA: tied-19th

T3. Ian Paterniti, So., Bradford

T3. Brett Zattoni, Jr., Clearfield

5. Ryan Gildersleeve, So., DuBois


4. Jacob Bellerillo, Jr., Punxsutawney

5. Zane Inguagiato, So., Clearfield

6. Josh Mackey, Sr., Bradford

Shot Put

3. Zane Inguagiato, So., Clearfield

6. Seth Miller, Jr., Clearfield


4. Brandon Connor, So., DuBois

6. Derek Sunafrank, Jr., Bradford


100 hurdles

1. Summer Herring, Jr., St. Marys PIAA: 31st

4. Julia Bashline, So., DuBois

5. Morgan Allman, So., DuBois

6. Alexandra Safran, Jr., Bradford

100 dash

2. Regan Johnson, Jr., Bradford

4. Erica Marshall, Jr., Bradford

5. Antonia Fenice, So., DuBois

6. Alana Burton, Jr., DuBois

1,600 run

2. Abby LaBorde, Sr., Clearfield

3. Kyla Johnson, So., St. Marys

4. Samantha Hayes, So., St. Marys

5. Hannah Lary, So., Bradford

400 dash

1. Emily Bosworth, So., Bradford PIAA: 23rd

2. Avry Gumblatt, Jr. Clearfield

3. Megan Quesenberry, Jr., St. Marys

4. Tessa Grotzinger, Jr., St. Marys

5. Samantha Hayes, So., St. Marys

6. Kyra Hoover, Jr., DuBois

300 hurdles

3. Summer Herring, Jr., St. Marys

5. Amanda Hazel, So., Clearfield

800 run

2. Emily Bosworth, So., Bradford

3. Abby LaBorde, Sr., Clearfield

4. Megan Quesenberry, Jr., St. Marys

5. Tessa Grotzinger, Jr., St. Marys

6. Trulee Stainbrook, Sr., DuBois

200 dash

2. Regan Johnson, Jr., Bradford

6. Antonia Fenice, So., DuBois

3,200 run

1. Kyla Johnson, So., St. Marys PIAA: 22nd

2. Abby LaBorde, Jr., Clearfield

4. Lucy Anthony, Jr., St. Marys

5. Hannah Lary, So., Bradford

Relays (champions only)


Bradford PIAA: 30th


Bradford PIAA: 27th


St. Marys PIAA: 20th

High jump

2. Mikayla Bond, Sr., Bradford

3. Kayelyn Eschrich, So., Bradford

4. Danielle Baumgartner, Jr., DuBois

5. Krista Harper, Jr., DuBois

6. Kaylee Muccio, Jr., St. Marys

Long jump

1. Regan Johnson, Jr., Bradford PIAA: 25th

4. Alana Burton, Jr., DuBois

5. Summer Herring, Jr., St. Marys

Triple jump

3. Kelli Hoffer, Sr., DuBois

4. Kaylee Muccio, Jr., St. Marys

5. Morgan Allman, So., DuBois

6. Mikayla Bond, Sr., Bradford

Pole Vault

1. Alexis Huber, Sr., Bradford

3. Mackenzie Lucas, So., Bradford

6. Amber Schauer, So., St. Marys

Shot Put

3. Saige Heigel, Jr., St. Marys

4. Gabby Snyder, Sr., DuBois

6. Allyson Luke, So., Bradford


3. Gabby Snyder, Sr., DuBois

5. Saige Heigel, Jr., St. Marys


3. Lydia Pompa, Sr., Bradford

5. Danielle Baumgartner, Jr., DuBois

6. Kendra Bonfardin, So., St. Marys

Editor’s Note: Story by Nate McClaine

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