Forest Area School District Announces Third Quarter Honor Students

FOREST CO., Pa. (EYT) – Forest Area School District submitted the following results for the third quarter 2016-2017 school year.

East Forest Elementary School

Perfect Attendance
Third Quarter, 2016-2017

First Grade: Jacob Glass, Brody Hartle, Vera Heferle, and Luke Simpson
Second Grade: Lilly Parkhurst, Logan Stevenson, and Zachary Walton
Third Grade: Jonah Glass and Willa Heferley
Fourth Grade: Domenico Mendola and Peighton Trout
Fifth Grade: Kaylie Rooke and Gavin Swartz
Sixth Grade: Megan Clow, Harmony Fike, Ellee Leonard, Olivia Thompson, and Matt Zeigler

Honor Roll
Third Quarter, 2016-2017

Third Grade:
Honors: Jada Colvin, Willa Heferle, Johnah Glass, Nicholas Geraci, Jalynn Weiss, and
Aiden Spuck-Campbell
High Honors: Alivia Howard

Fourth Grade:
Honors: Jada Nelson and Angel Toth
High Honors: Jayleigh Cochran, Logan Melego, Christina Micale, Aletta Summers, and Lauren Geraci

Fifth Grade:
Honors: Jacob Cotherman and Taylor Oliver
High Honors: Kendra Carroll and Kaylie Rooke

Sixth Grade:
Honors: Aurora Bauer, Megan Clow, Thomas Rossey, and Olivia Thompson
High Honors: Harmony Fike, Kenzie Kopchick, Ellee Leonard, Ashleigh Styen, and Haleigh Tebay

East Forest High School

Honor Students
Third Quarter, 2016-2017

Highest Honors:
9th: Tessa Korchak
11th: Shawn Claypoole and Samantha Stoltz
12th: Cheyenne Carbaugh, Emma Cussins, and Kaellie Heelan

High Honors:
7th: Ryan Parrett
8th: Hope Byers and Corbin Micale
9th: Taylor Andrews and Luke Cussins
10th: Jarrett Kahle, Lauren McLaughlin, Daniel Parrett, Shania Styen, and Harley Wooster
11th: Dillon DiCorpo, Emily Everett, Marina Nulph, and Kaitlyn Snyder
12th: Cecelia Bailey, Leandra DeMarco, Zackary Dilts, Cortney Frampton, Brandy Rossey, Zoe Thompson, and Sarah Wagner

Honor Roll:
7th: Hannah Styen and Tala Boozer
8th: Desaray Fox, Dylann Leonard, Eoghan Montgomery, and David Wooster
9th: Tyler Bowen, Joshua Claypoole, Franklin Meals, Daniel Thompson, and Cameron Whisner
10th: Brandon Hall, Angelina Harp, Danial Ruhlman, Seth Seidle, Logan Songer, Brent Nelson, and Ryleigh Hancock
11th: Cassie Cochran, Bianca Hetrick, Mary Phelps, and Christian Whisner
12th: Tera Baker and Ethan Byers

West Forest Elementary School

Honor Students
Third Quarter, 2016-2017

Mrs. Druckemiller, Third Grade: Ezra Busch, Lilly Corfield, Jayden McKee, Mackenzie Mellon, and Conner Summerville

Mrs. Sharrar, Third Grade: Alexis Donato, Grace Flick, Trevor Kuntz, and Jacob Naser

Mr. Hale, Fourth Grade: Luca Gigliotti, Kiley Oliver, Nauvia Palmer, Brianna Peyatt, and Edward Vangordon

Mrs. McLaughlin, Fifth Grade: Tori Brown, Theresa Dando, Warren Dashner, Leo Gilliland, Amber Guzzi, Gunnar Hasychak, Rion Johnson, Jordon Kostenbauder, Colton Kuntz, Charlie Lasonis, Christian Steigerwald, and Colleana Tirado

Mr. Donato, Sixth Grade: Ty Brown, Keely Gilbert, Randall Gilbert, Emmalee Gray, Kylie Johnson, Nathan Kirchgatter, Antonio Martinez, Cameron McKeel, and Leah Wagner

High Honor Students
Third Quarter, 2016-2017

Mrs. Druckemiller, Third Grade: Devin Carl, Alexa Carll, Brooke Felleti, Macalie Hoffmann, Deegan Johnson, Ayla Reese, Patrick Ross, and Tahelon Tarr

Mrs. Sharrar, Third Grade: Andrew Buzzard, Hazel Hilyer, Christian Kluck, Eric Peyatt, Becca Wagner, and Zachary Wild

Mr. Hale, Fourth Grade: Colter Bayle, Courtney Birchard, Zachary Carll, Katherine Payne, Izek Sample, Jaydon Smith, Taheton Tarr, and Annalise Tirado

Mrs. McLaughlin, Fifth Grade: Ethan Carll, Jessica Culver, Keyon Custer, Faith Dietrich, Izabelle Flick, Katie Salsgiver, and Conner Sliker

Mr. Donato, Sixth Grade: Braydon Barnes, Aubrey Barnes, Jeffrey Bayle III, Avah Burke, Felicia Dietrich, Abigail Lander, Emma McFarland, Madison McFarland, Ryah McWilliams, and Logan Niederriter

West Forest High School

Highest Honor Students
Third Quarter, 2016-2017

Grade 8: Maylynn Mlakar

Grade 10: Christopher Pedersen and Travis Swartz

Grade 11: Stephen Culver

High Honor Students
Third Quarter, 2016-2017

Grade 7: Camron Call, Logan Carll, Braden Custer, Allen Johnston, Darcie Maul, and Tristian Sliker

Grade 8: Anna Culver, Whitni Martinez, Hunter Turba, and Jessica Wagner

Grade 9: Noah Burke, Nicola Gigliotti, T.J. Kunselman, Morgan Miller, and Belle Ralston

Grade 10: Dylan Burton

Grade 11: Steven Barnett, Seth Berlin, Kendra Gadley, Danielle Habjanetz, Ben Kaltenbach, Melinda Blakar, Bryant Niederriter, Rachel Stubler, and Roselyn Trivett

Grade 12: Kaylynn Anderson and Sarah Humes

Honor Students
Third Quarter, 2016-2017

Grade 7: Zackery Hawk, Sam Walter, and Laura Winger

Grade 8: Waylin Dashner, Liam Dickson, Trenton Hartzell, and Penny Wagner

Grade 9: Jennifer Lander, Jazmine Barnes, Alexandra Brandon, Destiny Ginnery, Anthony Conti, Kathryn Johnston, Ethan McWilliams, Mitchell McWilliams, Daniel Schwab, and Nathan Sowinski

Grade 10: Sarah Lander, Kara McWilliams, Mark Phillips, Dominic Grubbs, and Alexis Myers

Grade 11: Brooke Black, Kyle Evans, Aimee Haslet, and Lorraine Pedersen

Grade 12: Ryan Gray, Jailia Guzzi, Taylor Johnson, Hanna McKeel, Dereck Marshall, Andrew Schwab, Danielle Vybiral, and Kristina Wagner

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