GANT: 3 People Jailed in Fentanyl Bust

CLEARFIELD, Pa. – Three people were jailed on drug charges May 24 after a traffic stop turned up a large amount of suspected fentanyl in Lawrence Township.

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Arrested by Clearfield Regional police were Clint A. Addleman, 46, and Kaitlyn R. Evans, 31, both of Morrisdale, and Bradley A. Maines, 46, of Woodland.

They were charged with felony delivery of a controlled substance (two counts), as well as misdemeanor intentional possession of controlled substance and use/possession of drug paraphernalia.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, police observed Addleman, Maines and Evans—whom they say are known drug users/dealers—at Sheetz just before 1 a.m. May 24.

A query revealed that Maines had two active AOPC (Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts) warrants—one through Clearfield County and another through Allegheny County.

The trio walked towards a white Ford pickup and departed from the parking lot. Police followed the truck onto state Route 879, then conducted a traffic stop on the Interstate 80 east on-ramp.

Maines was advised of his warrants and Addleman was identified as the driver, but when police requested identifying information from Evans, she initially provided a false name and date of birth.

She did eventually provide the correct information, admitting she also had active warrants. It was confirmed Evans had numerous “failure to appear” warrants and she was asked to exit the vehicle.

The officer found it “suspicious” that it was taking an extended period of time for Evans to exit, and said it appeared she was hiding items in the backseat area.

Ultimately police opened Maines’ door the whole way as well as opened Evans’ door and when Evans exited, the officer observed a woman’s backpack on the floor.

In an interview with police, Evans denied having any personal items in the truck. She claimed they were traveling to her residence, which didn’t match Addleman’s story.

Addleman later turned the backpack over to police and stated it belonged to Evans. She permitted police to search it, indicating they would find paraphernalia.

The search resulted in the discovery of a container with white residue, which Evans stated was from fentanyl. There was also a large number of one-dollar bills ($104), plus one twenty-dollar bill.

Because she appeared nervous and police suspected she possibly concealed other items, they asked Addleman for permission to search the back of the truck.

The officer discovered a “Victoria’s Secret” makeup bag, which Evans permitted him to search and reportedly stated contained “a lot” of drugs.

Inside there were allegedly two glass pipes with residue, one mirror with residue, one bag containing numerous unused plastic bags and a glass vial containing Xanax pills.

There were also three plastic containers and one glass vial containing suspected fentanyl and a money holder with $990 in U.S. currency.

Evans denied there was anything else inside the truck or on her person but did say she had around $30 in her bra. Later $226 was found by jail staff, police said.

Afterwards, police spoke with Addleman, who was hesitate to permit further search of the vehicle, which didn’t belong to him, but eventually he did.

As the search was being done, Addleman approached the front passenger window and asked the officer if “we’re good?” He appeared “very nervous,” the affidavit states.

After this, police opened a Sheetz bag that was on the center console, discovering a cinnamon bun and a glass container with numerous large blocks of suspected fentanyl.

Evans tried to take ownership of the seized drugs, and police said, based upon her demeanor, it appeared she was “willing” to protect Addleman and her significant other, Maines.

In an interview, Addleman denied any knowledge of the fentanyl but stated he was aware Evans had “something” but not that it was fentanyl.

Addleman permitted police to search his phone but stated he doesn’t keep anything on it because phones are “traps” that “get you in trouble.”

But when incriminating messages were found from several people, Addleman claimed they message him for “product,” but he “blows them off.”

In his photos, police allegedly located a photo of a large sum of money appearing to be over $50,000, which Addleman claimed was from the sale of his home that he couldn’t provide specifics about.

Because it was suspected Addleman had deleted items from his phone, the officer obtained permission to turn it over to DuBois City police for extraction and it was placed into airplane mode.

Maines was also interviewed by police, and claimed the seized drug items belonged to Evans, though he’d previously claimed he didn’t know who the fentanyl belonged to.

It was noted that both Maines and Evans denied police consent to search their cellular phones. All three devices were placed in airplane mode to preserve their contents and turned off.

Currently, Addleman, Evans and Maines are incarcerated at Clearfield County Prison in lieu of $250,000 bail, with preliminary hearings scheduled for May 31 during centralized court.

Online court documents also indicate Addleman was arrested by Punxsutawney state police and charged with felony delivery of a controlled substance and criminal use of communication facility.

For this, Addleman has been denied bail due to his arrest in connection with the fentanyl bust. This case is also scheduled for a preliminary hearing May 31.

In a third case that’s still pending arraignment, Clearfield Regional police arrested Addleman and 50-year-old Chad Schwartz of Clearfield for conspiracy to commit burglary and related offenses.

Allegedly, they forced entry into a secure lot in Clearfield and attempted to remove drugs from a vehicle impounded in February. But investigators had already seized the drugs, police said.

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