Letter to the Editor: Local Man Speaks Out on Brookville VFC Controversy

Okay, I’m throwing in my “two cents” on this, so-called, Fireman’s Club/Brookville Volunteer Fire Company “controversy!”

Those who are quick to pass judgement on a Community Leader, who VOLUNTEERS his time almost 24/7 to public safety, and then begrudge him a meal out and about on occasion (if he gets to finish same), while having to be at THEIR beckon-call, should keep their ill-mannered thoughts to themselves, and appreciate the job that person does for them.

If I was the Chief, I would be tempted to retire, and let the know-it-alls burn the entire Borough to the ground.

But he’s a much better man than I. And as for the hiring of personnel, and all the “who-struck-John” about money, finances, and all that, why don’t the loud mouths and keyboard geniuses volunteer, do all the work for nothing, and see if they can do a better job. AND, I guarantee you, after doing all that is involved to keep the service going, you will not succeed, no matter WHO you think you are.

I am also adding a little caveat here as well, regarding the other fire companies in the area. They ALL do one hell of a job, with great, hard-working VOLUNTEERS, and every Company does what it has to do, to keep the community protected, whether the “citizens” believe-it-or-not.

Let’s get off this subject, or get the training and volunteer if you are able. Then there will not be any need for “controversy,” sour grapes, or anything-else.

I enjoy The Fireman’s Club, and the people there, and I am proud of the BVFC, and I don’t even live in the Borough. However, I can tell you this, I have seen The Borough Hierarchy make some pretty stupid decisions, and I’ll leave it at that! Curse me, DELETE me, unfriend me, I really do not care, but be grateful for what help you get, and/or join up and join in to build it up. Do not be part of a non-plus problem created by hard feelings! Thank You for listening, and git-er-done!

– C.W. Elliott, Corsica PA

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