GANT: Local Woman Found Naked at Parker Dam Faces Charges for Alleged Cabin Break-ins

DUBOIS, Pa. (GANT) – A Clearfield woman found naked at Parker Dam State Park is facing felony charges for allegedly breaking into several cabins.

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On March 15 at 10:27 a.m., a vehicle was spotted by a Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Park Ranger while on patrol at a cabin that was not rented.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, after he pulled into the parking area, he noticed the suspect vehicle’s engine was running, the head lights were on and there were a variety of unusual items scattered between the vehicle and the door of the cabin including a pair of women’s underwear that were frozen solid.

The registration was traced to Maggie Lynn Naddeo, 23, of Clearfield.

Shortly after this, a white female who was completely nude with blood covering the front of her body and obvious lacerations on both of her legs, was seen standing near the rear of the ranger’s vehicle. He immediately contacted county control to request emergency medical services.

She was offered a blanket and encouraged to get into the vehicle to get warm but did not respond.

She did not answer questions about her name, what happened, if someone had hurt her or if she had hurt herself.

When she did try to speak, she “made sounds more often than intelligible words.”

She appeared to be in a state of panic by looking around frantically, erratically moving her arms and raising her shoulders while keeping her arms at her sides and would sometimes only stare when asked a question, it says in the complaint.

She mentioned something about Cabin 11 but did not make any “other communicable statements following her spontaneous utterances.” When asked again if someone was trying to hurt her, she said “no.”

She began walking away even though the ranger told her again that he wanted to help her and get her somewhere safe.

She than screamed and ran toward Cabin Road where she went to the parking area of another cabin and got into a vehicle parked there by opening a rear door.

Before she locked the door, the ranger opened it and used his leg to keep it open as she reached into the front passenger area of the car. In fear of what she was reaching for and her state of duress, he grabbed her wrist and put her in handcuffs, the ranger said in his report.

He escorted her to his vehicle and put her in the caged rear passenger area. She was given a jacket found in her vehicle and a blanket.

She stated “they are after me”, but when asked who, she said she didn’t know.

The ranger tried to provide aid to her injuries and to keep her calm as she tried to exit the vehicle.

After EMS appeared on the scene, she was placed on a stretcher and taken for treatment.

At this point, Naddeo stated that she might have a month-old baby with her.

County Control was notified of this and Naddeo’s home address was searched for the baby as rangers searched the park. At 11:10 a.m., it was confirmed the child was safe and with child services.

Several of the cabins were found to have been damaged.

Several credit cards, a check book, and a cosmetology license with her name were reportedly found in the entryway of one of the cabins. They also discovered a cell phone, folding knife and metal multi-colored knuckles.

In another cabin, they found a damaged shower curtain, a smashed thermostat, a green duffle bag and women’s clothing scattered in or around the shower stall that were completely soaked with water.

In yet another cabin that had a broken rear window, they found blood and the gas oven was turned on.

Naddeo is charged with four felony counts of criminal trespass, misdemeanor indecent exposure, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, make repairs/sell/etc. offensive weapon and several summaries.

She is scheduled for a preliminary hearing April 16 during centralized court in DuBois.

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